Air Quality Testing Services

Commercial & Residential

  • A thorough investigation of contaminated area of area of concern

  • Mold Sample Methods – Air, Swab, and Tape Lift

  • Explanation of Lab Analysis & Inspection

  • Protocol Report (if requested)

  • Mold DNA/Speciation

2 Sample Methods

Method 1 – Bacteria

Tests for: E-Coli & Bacteria

Method 2 – Well Water

Tests for: E-Coliform, Metals, Minerals, Clarity, and Hardness

Individual & Group Sampling Available

Cat, Dog, Roach, Dust Mites, Mouse/Rat, and Latex

 Tests for: E-Coli & Coliform

VOCs are gases or vapors emitted by various solids or liquids

In-depth testing for most VOCs

Water Damage Evaluations

Insurance Mold Inspections

Insurance Water Damage Inspections

Infra-Red Camera Inspections (thermal imaging)

Origin & Cause Reports COA#31993

Category Determination with Sampling

Post Remediation Verification (PRV) Inspections with testing

Asbestos Sampling

Fire & Soot Testing